hi, so, donations have been open for a while now but i haven’t received any yet. i’m making another post basically to say that my home-situation isn’t great at all right now. i’m attending a free year of college on a scholarship, but after that, i won’t have anything to do or anywhere to go for a while. i can’t get work because i have a really full schedule, and i’m running out of options basically. my mom says i can’t pursue medical transition as long as i’m living under her roof, also. 

basically it would be great to receive some donations. enough to tie me over while i’m job-hunting once i move in w/ my friend a few cities over. (i really need to get out of this house, and i really want to be w/ her when i do because we’ve been planning it for years!!) it would be great to have money for transition too, but surviving outside of my current home is my main priority rn. 

if you can’t donate it’s ok i’d really just appreciate signal boosts. i feel really bad for doing this but?? idk what to do at this point. my parents’ abuse is really taking a toll on me and idk how much more of it i can take. thank you for reading, i really appreciate it